Analogue Albums

Luxury Analogue Photo Albums

Every album is designed to tell a story. The analogue album achieves this through its simplicity and the power of the images it contains. This type of album is usually the choice of people who have a romantic, retro and nostalgic mood and wish to have a memory of the past for their marriage or the baptism of their child.

The analogue albums are compiled with printed photos selected by the couple and then placed on their pages in a sequence which best narrates the story unfolded that day. This way the album turns into a beautiful scrapbook through which its protagonists can forever relive the most beautiful day of their lives.

If you decide that you wish to have an analogue album, you have the following option:

  1. The desired album number.
  2. The dimensions. You can see the available dimensions in the following list, the numbers are referring to a closed album (an album of 35x35 will have a 70x35 spread when open):
    • Square: 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 35x35, 40x40, 50x50
    • Portrait: 20x15, 30x20, 40x30
    • Landscape: 15x20, 20x30, 30x40
  3. The printed photos size, as well as the paper quality (matte or glossy).
  4. The album cover quality. We are offering a wide range of leather or leatherette covers in a variety of colors and designs.

For more information on analogue albums, please contact us.