Capturing/Processing Photos

Photo Capturing Methodology and Post Processing Workflow of Team Hyperfocal

We use exclusively full-frame state of the art digital SLRs to photograph events and ceremonies in order to achieve optimum image quality. We also use various lenses of focal lengths ranging from ultra wide angle to telephoto for complete coverage. For the coverage of a typical ceremony we usually use a standard zoom, a telephoto zoom and 5 "fast" fixed focal length lenses, one of which is macro.

Photos are of course captured exclusively in raw format, which gives us more lattitude at post processing, however our cameras before the beginning of each session using a gray card.

Raw files are processed using a professional suite, where each photo is processed as much time as needed in order to achieve the desired result. This process includes lens corrections, chromatic abberation correction, setting the correct white balance, denoise, removal of unwanted objects, retouching, converting to black and white and finally, sharpening.

Photo Capturing Methodology and Post Processing Workflow of Team Hyperfocal

After the completion of the initial processing stage, all photos are uploaded on your private web gallery on our website in order for you and your guests to view them using the provided password. The web gallery samples are of lower resolution (web friendly) than the ones delivered to you.

All photos will be delivered to you in full resolution (300 dpi) either in a USB stick or an optical disk (DVD). The original digital files are stored for the purpose of producing future copies, while a backup is created and stored in a separate, safe place.