Pavlopetri - Most Popular Photo of Skypixel Photo Contest 2016

Initially, the core activity of the team hyperfocal was to capture and highlight the natural beauty of the Laconian region, as well as its neighbouring regions.

The team hyperfocal currently owns a complete portfolio of photos and video footage shot by land and aerial platforms from the various famous landmarks of Laconia, as well as from other parts of the region of exceptional natural beauty that are less known to the general public.

Hyperfocal Artistic Photography/Videography at a Local Photography Exhibition

Since 2011, the group has acquired corporate status and undertakes professional photography and videography coverage of weddings, christenings and other events. The team members are engaged in constantly improving their technique and enriching their knowledge by attending training seminars of great wedding, fashion and landscape photographers. In addition, we frequently add new or upgrade our equipment, which is state-of-the-art. Both team members are masters of the digital technologies, they have implemented and maintain the business website and mobile application and they manage the social networks of the team by themselves.

The core activity of the group remains the photography of the landscapes, landmarks and monuments of South Peloponnese. In this context, our photographs have been presented at local exhibitions and albums, while the greatest distinction for the team came at the end of 2016 when the aerial photo of Pavlopetri has been voted as the most popular photo in Skypixel's international photography contest. Finally, we have also collaborated with local clubs and have taught the basic principles of photography to their members during a series of seminars.